Lehigh Crossing – Section Two Now Open!

05 Apr Lehigh Crossing – Section Two Now Open!

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Morrell Commercial will be launching a new phase of their project – Lehigh Crossing in Victor NY. Lehigh Crossing is Rochester’s first business park that provides a campus-like environment.

Lehigh Crossing is a new business park located in Victor New York with a with new office and warehouse spaces custom built to suit your needs. The newest section will feature 6 Lots and three 3+ acre Lots backing Fishers Park – built to lease, lease to own, and build to own.

In an ideal location, Lehigh Crossing is conveniently located near Interstates 490 and 90, it is right around the corner from Eastview Mall, shops, restaurants and services. Lehigh Crossings Business Park will contain twelve sites with a combined total of 500,000 square feet of office and warehouse space with plenty of space for parking. With easy access to the Lehigh Trail and Fishers Park, there are ample opportunities to stay active.

Visit morrellcommercial.com/newlehigh for more information about the Newest Phase of Lehigh Crossing, and our other projects.

Scott Morrell: “We have seen campus-style office space as a growing trend, and Rochester businesses are realizing they need a pleasant work environment for employees. This type of building, office space, or warehouse promotes an active, competitive, lifestyle with places to relax.”

About Morrell Commercial: Dedication, integrity and excellence have been the core values of Morrell Commercial for generations. We specialize our focus to benefit each client in the workplace experience. By doing so our clients enjoy custom office spaces that inspire innovation and support success. This, coupled with our focus team has led to our success in developing a variety of high demand office parks.


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